Lessons in iPad

applesrefreshpicApple have just released a set of illustrative tutorials that are designed to show you how slick and intuitive it is to use your forthcoming iPad.

We don’t care what the nay-sayers are up to – we think the iPad is an innovative and user friendly way to get web information. We did feature a test run for the iPad in a recent blog entry.

It isn’t designed to be a mass data engine, a gigantic generator of codes and complex graphics. It isn’t meant replace, at the moment, all the kit that is sitting on your desk at present.

Writing this piece we are facing three screens, two printers and assorted speakers, cables and external storage devices.

But if you want a fast, portable web reader with communication facilities then the iPad will, if you are like us, be a key purchase for us this year.

There are alternatives available already – like the Archos 9 netbook – a small, slick mobile solution. But does it have the wow factor that Apple offer?

You will probably need the Safari browser to get the best from your iPad tutorial experience. You can get it here.

The movies can be found here.

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Apple iPad – can anything touch it?

The Apple iPad has been revealed. Is it good? Yes it is. The video below shows how the machine works and how the innovative display is truly an advance on the laptop.

We were a minute or two into the presentation and beginning to be a little uncomfortable with the plethora of greats and fantastics (we are cynical here) – then you see the book store that  just flips out from behind the book you are e-reading.

The calendar, maps and email functions look good and the battery life and movie experience on the iPad look great too.

‘How can something so thin and so light be so capable’ says a person in the film. We could become converted to Apple in our PC production world on the strength of this presentation.

For more detail you can find the press release about the iPad from Apple UK here.

Enjoy this movie from cnet.

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