The WordPress Foundation

blogNotePicMatt Mullenweg has recently announced the establishment of the WordPress Foundation. Having created WordPress, the software this blog is running on, the WordPress Foundation takes the concept of the freely available platform another step forward.

Below are the philosophical principles that the Foundation seeks to apply. The aim being to preserve source code for future generations and to develop other freely available open source projects that themselves are perpetually available.

The software should be licensed under the GNU Public License.

The software should be freely available to anyone to use for any purpose, and without permission.

The software should be open to modifications.

Any modifications should be freely distributed at no cost and without permission from its creators.

The software should provide a framework for translation to make it globally accessible to speakers of all languages.

The software should provide a framework for extensions so modifications and enhancements can be made without modifying core code.

We love WordPress– we build both our own blogs and those of clients with it. Good luck to the Foundation and long may its aims thrive – stimulating creativity, contact in multiple languages and a better informed world. A great start to 2010 we think.

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Windows Desktop 5.8 released

desktopImageGoogle have just released their Desktop application for Windows vers. 5.8.

According to the official Google Blog this new version has increased speed by 50% and now has additional security features.

The desktop, when loaded will check automatically for any Google widgets you are using to see if they are interfering with your PC’s performance.

The application will close five times faster than before and will open twice as fast, Google say. The Google desktop recycles processes internally, rather like the new Chrome browser, adding to application efficiency.

So if you are a Google Desktop user and want faster widgets, better clocks and notepads and use Google to index your hard drive and emails for searches…you can download the new Windows Desktop from Google here.

Read the original Google Official Blog article here.

Link to Google Desktop download.

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Blog design change…

A WordPress theme designed by Brian Gardner

We have been listening to our users and they tell us low legibility and  too  much ‘blackness’ made for a depressing read. So we have gone for a fresher style for our blog ‘face’.

We have chosen this 3-column theme by Brian Gardner, a Chicago designer and WordPress guru whose style we like a lot. It makes for a an easier read of our tech ramblings.

We are still working on better integration of our Tech newsfeed into the page – see right – to improve the  clarity and display separation of news items.

Email us and let us know if you like the style…or if the content of our site news feeds are useful.

The Thirdsectorweb Team

Thirdsectorweb homepage

Welcome to Thirdsector Tech

Thirdsectorweb blog and updatesWelcome to the Thirdsector blog and system update.

We get a lot of input…social, philosophical and technical.

Where to put it all so that we can share it with our system users? 

Well, here from now on.

An empty blog is a desolate thing – but we’ve just started.  Subscribe or contribute…we’ll keep the tech stuff coming, promise…

The Thirdsector team