Google Docs extended and improved

Google have recently updated the features in Google Docs. Making collaboration easier and more effective, as well as adding a number of individual features in response to user requests.

Docs now has margin rulers and much easier image placement properties. In spreadsheets you can now drag and drop whole columns of data.

This movie gives you more detail into the new Google Docs functionality.

You can find more details of Google Docs development on the Google Docs blog. You can now collaborate with up to 50 people at once on one document and see the changes in the document in real time.

Google have added the latest java script developments into their product, offering faster and more effective ‘cloud’ documents.

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The Internet of Things

We looked recently on this blog at where Microsoft thought the direction the technological world was going.

Below, this short film The Internet of Things is a vision of the same future from IBM.

Sensors will be linked to hardware and information generated will be filtered, analysed and used to make wise choices about our lives and activities.

IBM see the internet as the nerve backbone of the globe, which will generate a new concept of the Earth. A giant information generation system.

Welcome to the e-world. Whichever vision you cleave to, we are in for an interesting ride in the next twenty years.

What’s your agenda?

meetingroomPic22We thought this new service from MeetingMix was a useful way to automate the subjects to be discussed at meetings.

Letting everyone know what you will be talking about and give them an opportunity to contribute to the proposed debate or business of the day will undoubtedly increase understanding and ownership of projects.

Shorter, faster more tuned in meetings must be right?  Even for techies who can talk for weeks on one line of code…surely we don’t have anyone like that here?

MeetingMix lets you track time spent on agenda items, write the notes of the meeting and record the allocated action points.

If the debate wanders, you can even use the online system to ‘park’ items for future meetings.

A paid for service but at ten dollars a month, if like us you generate a lot of meetings, then MeetingMix is a good value, easy to use service. There is a free fourteen day trial offer on the website currently.

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The WordPress Foundation

blogNotePicMatt Mullenweg has recently announced the establishment of the WordPress Foundation. Having created WordPress, the software this blog is running on, the WordPress Foundation takes the concept of the freely available platform another step forward.

Below are the philosophical principles that the Foundation seeks to apply. The aim being to preserve source code for future generations and to develop other freely available open source projects that themselves are perpetually available.

The software should be licensed under the GNU Public License.

The software should be freely available to anyone to use for any purpose, and without permission.

The software should be open to modifications.

Any modifications should be freely distributed at no cost and without permission from its creators.

The software should provide a framework for translation to make it globally accessible to speakers of all languages.

The software should provide a framework for extensions so modifications and enhancements can be made without modifying core code.

We love WordPress– we build both our own blogs and those of clients with it. Good luck to the Foundation and long may its aims thrive – stimulating creativity, contact in multiple languages and a better informed world. A great start to 2010 we think.

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Is your web browser up to date?

securityPicIf national governments are warning their citizens to stop using a particular browser, then the potential risk to your data and stored information must be pretty high?

Both the German and French governments have recently issued advisory warnings about using one particular browser.

If you travel and use public networks, if you work a lot online, like us – update your browser often. We have reported in the past on this blog about our use and favour of Opera, Firefox and now Chrome.

Free, quick and easy to download and install. Update or refresh your browser of choice…

…you can see an article from The Guardian about a world-wide hack, originating in China here. The concern seems to be with IE6. Why do so many government organisations, for example, allegedly use outdated software for mission critical applications and services?

You can download IE8 here. It’s improved immensely of late.

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Creative Commons Image: Brad & Sabrina at Flickr

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 – quietly launched

thunderbird3PicThunderbird, Mozilla’s Open Source webmail client has quietly slipped into the e-world.

Updating our XP and Vista driven laptops went without a hitch. The revised interface for Thunderbird looks good and the new features add real functionality and ease of use to what was already the best webmail client available.

The introduction of tabs, just like a browser, means you can clearly identify multiple open messages. You can right click message folders and have them open in separate tabs too.

The new archive function provides one click archive for those messages you don’t want to delete, but which you want to store safely. A great simple and effective feature we think.

Thunderbird now has a sophisticated search function, using the auto-index and timeline features to help you search better for the email you want.

The mail account set-up wizard really simplifies adding new accounts. Before you needed to know all about IMAP settings and the rest, now Thunderbird consults the Mozilla database and asks you to simply input your name, email address and password. A nice feature for users who rely on email but don’t wish to poke about under the hood of their systems.

Finally, the address book has been updated – simply click the star icon in your arriving emails to add the person to your address book. With two clicks you can also add photo’s birthdays and wider contact data.

We use Thunderbird as our default email mechanism and like the updates. It is a fast, intuitive alternative to Outlook. Check out Mozilla Thunderbird if you are a new user. if you’re a regular – hit the update button.

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Google Wave – communicationess…?

The Tech bulletin boards are a bit quieter now in terms of Google Wave. Is it email, is it storage?

In this short film – here’s one person’s take on what The Wave is all about. (Email is 40 years old?)

We don’t have an invite either…just sit back and let the Wave wash over you.

You can find Google pages for Google Wave here.

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